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Tips and Tricks to Downgrade Windows 10

Microsoft Company offers a great deal of free Windows 10 upgrade for one year. Most of the people have taken advantage of this offer which helps to save them $300 for spending on a new operating system. Some persons have given great recommendations and reviews while some other was not satisfied due to following reasons which are explained below.

  • They don’t enjoy the new features of Windows 10
  • They might face some problems using Windows 10 on their system
  • Find that the new OS is not running smoothly on their computer and it becomes an annoyance or they preferred to use their previous Windows versions like Windows 8, 7.

Is it possible to downgrade Windows 10?

Downgrade Windows 10If you are not satisfied with the new features provided by Windows 10, then you can come back to your previous OS. Microsoft has provided the option to downgrade Windows 10.Now let us discuss step by step procedure on how to downgrade Windows 10 back to the previous Windows 7 or 8 on your computer and this option will be in active just for one month. Suppose you have installed Windows 10 OS 25 days ago then you have the chance to downgrade it to previous Windows OS versions. Before starting downgrading process some points should be kept in mind like it is applicable to those computers that are upgraded from Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and not applicable to those systems that are pre-installed with Windows 10.

How to find option to downgrade Windows 10:

  • First open the Start menu and click on the Settings option.
  • Now scroll down and choose Update and Security option.
  • Under Update and Security section choose ‘Recovery’ option, there you will find an option like “Go back to Windows 7”, “Go back to Windows 8” or “Go back to Windows 8.1” and now you can start the downgrading procedure.
  • Note that this option will not be available if you logged in a guest account. So it mandatory to login the system as administrator.

Verifying Windows account type:

  • First open the Start menu and click on the “account” option and this will show you the name and picture of the account currently in use.
  • Under the “account” field, click on the Change account settings” option and the account selection settings will be opened.

Before downgrading the Windows 10 some points to be kept in mind like

  • Backup your important files like images, pictures, documents, music and videos to save them from getting delete or corrupt various external storage drive like USB, pen drive, removable disks etc.
  • Retrieve all installation files and installation CDs or DVDs for all programs installed on Windows 10
  • Before starting downgrade process ensures that the battery life should be full.

Downgrade process:

  • Under Update and Security section of Windows 10 Settings click on the recovery tab
  • Here you will find three options like “Go back to Windows 7’ or “Go back to Windows 8” or “Go back to Windows 8.1” now click the “Get Started” button. After that you will be asked some questions like why you want to downgrade etc. and click next.
  • If you have uninstalled updates you will be given the option to install the latest updates instead of downgrading Windows 10.
  • Here you will be reminded about covered information and click next. Now you will be asked to remember your password and click next to continue further process.
  • Finally you will receive a message stated “ Thanks for using Windows 10” now click on “Go back to Windows 7 or 8” and you are now able to use your system.
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