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Safe and Secure USB Hard Drive File Recovery Software

“Hi friends…… Can anyone help me out to retrieve files that got deleted from USB hard drive?  A couple of days ago, I connected my Seagate 2TB portable HDD to a computer to transfer some PPT files to it. Thinking that the transfer process got completed, I pulled out the USB cable from the computer. This caused loss of those PPT files, from both USB drive as well as in computer. Can someone please help me to find a way out in this issue and also recommend me safe and secure USB hard drive file recovery software? Because, I tried out some of recovery utilities, which did not performed up to the mark and it deleted few of my other files contained on HDD! This made me very much frustrated!! Somebody, please recommend me a reliable recovery tool? Thanks in advance”

USB hard drives are often called as portable HDDs. It is most extensively used data storing devices to store picture, applications, PPT files, audio files, video and folder so on. However, files from the USB hard drive goes missing due to various reasons. Some of it happens knowingly and some unknowingly.

Situations of File Loss on USB Hard Drives:

  • Accidental Deletion: Unintentional deletion of a file by selecting the wrong file instead of the file to be deleted can cause data loss on portable HDDs.
  • Formatting: Suppose, if your formatting one of your hard disk partition, instead of that drive if you accidentally Selection the USB drive can cause loss of data to the whole drive in your USB hard disk drive.
  • Interruption during Transfer: Suppose during file transfer operation of USB hard drive using (Cut +Paste) option, any chances of occurrences of sudden interruptions like, forceful system termination, abruptly removing the USB hard drive from the Computer etc., result in the permanent loss of data from the USB hard drive.
  • Other Reasons: such as bad sectors on the USB drive, partition errors can cause loss of data from the device.

File loss in USB hard drive which causes the files to be either lost or deleted can become a serious problem to you. Making necessary precautions is a safety option, but you can’t do those after the loss of files. So if you have lost files from USB HDD, Don’t worry as there is excellent restore software named “USB hard drive file recovery” which can resolve your file loss problems. It is simple and easy to use software which can remove your file loss problems in portable HDDs effectively. There are many plus points in portable HDD file recovery software which can help you get your files back. Some are listed below.

Prominent Features of this Recovery Software:

  • Recover USB hard drive software is one of the safest and it is virus free.
  • This utility supports, recovery of deleted / lost files from all different USB hard drive manufactures such as Western Digital , LaCie, Toshiba, Kingston, HP, Transcend, Samsung, Lenovo, Hitachi, Sony, and many more.
  • It is compatible with most of the Mac and Windows file systems like FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+ and HFSX
  • USB hard drive file recovery software provides an advanced “preview” option, which helps to “view” recovered USB hard drive files prior to restoration.
  • Using this tool you can retrieve all types of files from USB hard drive irrespective of its file extension. It can also perform recovery feature on formatted, deleted, corrupted, inaccessible, damaged, fragmented portable HDDs as well all in other external storage device such as flash drive, memory cards, USB drive, Fire Wire drive etc.
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