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Know How to Convert Old Hard Disk Drive into Portable Drive

We usually go for converting our computer’s internal hard drive into portable hard drive, if our computer is of very old and about to die. Most of us opt for buying a new computer instead of repairing our old computer, which is about to die. So, in such condition, many of us like to remove our computer’s internal hard drive and use it as an external hard disk. But, what we can do with the old carcass? Don’t worry, here is a quick guide for you to know how to convert old hard disk drives to portable drives in an easy way.

It is always a good idea to have external drive as a backup in case if your computer fails. If you are upgrading your computer and have hard drive of your old system, then you can make use of that old hard drive by converting it into portable drive. You can observe by looking at your older hard drive that, it lacks connections and protections for further usage. SATA or IDE connections are really useful, one and only if it is inside a computer. For conversion of this older hard disk drive into portable hard drive, what all you have to do is just add a way for it to communicate with other bits of tech namely – USB or a FireWire bridge.


Therefore, you need an enclosure for converting the hard drive into a portable one. It should include converter, protector, and holder for the internal hard drive. Enclosures are usually the boxes in which internal hard drives sit. They are compatible with two interfaces namely SATA and IDE. Out of these two hard drives, SATA hard drives are considered as the commonly used drives. The connections for SATA and IDE differ from each other.

Follow the procedure explained below to convert older hard drive into a portable one and use it whenever you want by plugging it to your computer’s USB port:

Step 1: Along the designated line, open the enclosure. Do it on a clean static free surface in order to contaminate the drive.

Step 2: Place the internal hard drive inside, if you have the right size and it should be obvious how it lines up.

Step 3: Next, you need to connect all the necessary cables including power source, SATA connection, and holding clips.

Step 4: If it is a 3.5 inch holder, then you will need an external power. 2.5 inch is sufficient to run off the USB connection. (Depending on where your internal hard drive came from, the size of the drive will vary. 3.5 inch hard drives are used in desktop computers, whereas 2.5 inches are used in notebooks. 3.5 inches are very faster, bigger and cheaper to buy, whereas 2.5 inch hard drives are naturally smaller, costlier, and more portable).

Step 5: Then, you have to plug it into your computer and register it to your PC.

Step 6: It ends the process. Now, you can use your hard drive as a new external hard drive.

Now, with this portable hard drive, you can backup all your data when you want to perform hard drive wipe and OS reinstallation on your Windows computer, in order to secure your files.

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