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Here’s How Micro SD Card Not Formatted Error Can be Resolved

“Hi guys, am using SDHC 32GB memory card on my camera to save pictures captured on it. Usually I connect this SDHC card to my PC to move all important pictures to system hard drive for further process. Today, while connecting camera along with SDHC card to system, there was sudden power surge. Then I disconnected the camera from PC and checked whether everything was fine with it. But suddenly I found an error i.e., SDHC card not formatted error due to this memory card blocked access to the data present in it. At this situation I don’t know what to do and am worried very much by thinking how to get back my files from SDHC card? So can anyone help me to resolve this issue?”from-sd-cardMicro SD Card is one of the most popular types of memory card which are widely used to store data or transfer data from device to your computer. Many of us use SD card everyday to store pictures, documents, messages etc. Sometimes it make users feel sad when they come across some error message like “memory card not formatted”, soon after connecting memory card to your PC. Due to this you cannot see any of your photos, videos, songs and other files present on this card. So in order to resolve Micro SD card not formatted error issue there is reliable tool which resolves all your error messages on SD card like “memory card error”, “memory card not formatted”, “memory card is full”, “memory card locked”, etc in a easy way without affecting the files which are present in the memory card. Where this recovery software helps to recover almost all types of file including, Pictures, photos, videos, audios, documents, email etc.

Possible reasons behind SD card not formatted error:

  • Human mistakes like using SD card in various digital devices and systems
  • Ignorance to scan SD card before using it in unsecure systems
  • Unknowingly using SD card in virus infected devices, which results in severe virus, malware or spyware attacks on SD card, which corrupts it and displays SD memory card not formatted error.
  • SD card file system corruption is also one of the considerable issues for showingerror message.
  • SD card data is indexed by file system which stores record of each and every file that stored in memory space. But, SD card file system may get damaged due to saving more files on SD card when its memory space is full.
  • Abruptly ejecting SD card while accessing or transferring its data continuously.
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