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Effective Backup Solution for Outlook Emails

Outlook is one of the best email client applications. This application was launched by Microsoft Corporation to have friendly email interface among end users. Outlook is used to perform sending and receiving emails from end users from the different email application. Using this application you can even store email messages, contacts, notes, tasks, calendars, items etc.

Suppose, if you delete any mail from Outlook, it will be moved to deleted item folder. So that you can easily restore those deleted emails from Outlook. Other than deleted item folder option you can even find sent items, drafts, junk E-mail, News Feed, Outlook and many more useful folders. Outlook application has inbuilt inbox repair tool famously known as “Scanpst”. This Scanpst can scan entire Outlook application and repairs minor damaged issues. In Outlook application, all files are stored under .pst extension. PST stands for Personal Storage Table.

As this application needs an internet connection for sending and receiving emails, there are more chances of getting infected by viruses which are available on the net. In case, if you receive any virus infected emails, it will infect whole Outlook application. From this virus infection, you might lose access to perform any task on Outlook. In this situation, to get back access to Outlook application you will be forced to format it. But if you perform format process, you will be losing all emails which are stored in Outlook. In this condition backup of files will become necessary.

Backup of all emails can be performed using third-party tools. One among these third-party tools, Free Outlook Backup software is very famous and trustworthy tool. Using this software you can perform the safe backup operation. Along with performing backup option, you can even perform recovery of lost emails from Outlook.

Why should backup of Emails become necessary?!!!!

Accidental Delete: When you intend to delete unwanted emails from your Outlook inbox folder, you might end up deleting crucial emails. In this situation backup of emails will be a rescue option to recover the lost emails.

Outlook Application Crash: When you are working with Outlook application, you might experience a power surge. Due to this power surge, your computer might automatically switch off. So, if application experience these power surge, it will get crashed.

PST File Corruption: As PST files are stored on computer or laptop hard drive and if hard drive becomes inaccessible then these PST files can become corrupted. If PST files get corrupted then you can’t access any files on Outlook.

Migrating Outlook: When are migrating Outlook from one version to another Outlook version, some files won’t be copied completely. So, these incomplete files could remain unreadable.

Virus Attack: As Outlook application needs the internet connection for sending and receiving emails, there are more chances to get infected by viruses. From these viruses, Outlook application might get corrupted and you might lose access to Outlook application.

File System Corruption: Due to some bad sectors your Outlook program might get corrupted and you might lose access. In this situation, if you had backup files then you would take backup files and continue your task.

Unique Features of Free Outlook Emails Backup Software

Free Outlook Email backup Software can be used to take backup of files from Outlook 2003, 2007, 2000, 2010 and latest Outlook version 2013, it also supports OST files. This software can take backup from the calendar, RSS feeds, contacts, notes etc. It will take backup from different file extension and it can store backup files on your desired location. It can backup password protected files from Outlook. Using ScanPST files you can take backup of very small size files, whereas using free software to backup emails from Outlook you can have huge files as backup. An in-built scheduler is provided to alert you periodically i.e. weekly or monthly to make a backup so that you won’t forget to update your backup regularly. Along with making a backup of your e-mails, it can also provide a feature to migrate your Outlook profiles from different Outlook versions as well as different versions of Operating Systems. If the backup file size is large, you can compress and split it so that you can store it at different locations. Free Outlook Email backup software supports to back up e-mails on  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Steps to Download Free Outlook Emails Backup software

Step 1: Download and install Free Outlook Emails backup software on your Windows operating Computers or Laptops.

Step 2: Once you launch this software you will find “Main Screen”. In this Main Screen, you will get “backup”, “Restore”, “Migrate” options. You need to choose backup option.

Step 3: Once you choose “backup” option, this software will suggest you browse the Outlook file to which you want to perform backup option.

Step 4: After browsing the PST file location, you can schedule the backup process.

Step 5: Once you choose schedule option, this software will provide you with Scheduling procedure.

Step 6: After backup process is completed you can view the backup summary.

Precautionary Measures to avoid loss of emails from Outlook

Periodically update anti-virus software: Computer or laptop can be infected by viruses. To avoid getting infected with viruses you need to install effective anti-virus software and need to update this software periodically.

Take the proper backup before Migration: It is advisable to take proper backup of all PST files before performing Migration operation.

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